-NEW- Server: Radioactive Nomads (PvP/Sleep/Events)

Radioactive Nomads are looking for players or clans to join our server, we would like it to be home to many clan based raids and wars. And to make things fun, every now and then small events will be held, and they will vary in what they are. As a note though, there is no teleporting or admin abuse on this server, no one will be given free resources or weapons. There are enough admins present during all time zones to ensure possible cheaters are banned.

Server Settings: PvP(No Rules) / Default Crafting Times / Server restarts every 6 hours(Not Wipe) / Sleeping / Air Drops start at 15 people

Server IP: net.connect

Thanks, and we hope to see you!

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum." - postal))