New Server Running. I need assitance.

Alright well i made a server an everything and now i need someone like a co owner for this server. The server is strictly RP and it uses Cakescript G2. I would like it changed to taco script but i dont have a great understanding of it. So for now im using Cake. I need someone who has some knowledge on running a server. Post in this thread if you are interested and meet the requirements.

I’ll give it a run, I’m pretty experienced with that kind of stuff.

I can help you with your server man, I am really useful, contact me here or pc

I’m slowly learning how to map, give me a month or 2 and i could make an map made specificly for RP.

I knew alot of people would want to do this

Mate if i were you only choose your friends some minge could just copy things of sites and stuff be carefull my warning

I would help, If you are serious about it. Also those who really want to look serious on facepunch pick a proper name and get a fucking avatar.