*New Server!*[RUST ADDIKTZ]Oxide|PvP|Sleepers ON|1/2 Craft|Durability OFF|Optional Arena|24/7 Admins|Newb Friendly


Press F1 in game and type this into console and hit enter to join the server:
**net.connect **

Hello everyone! This is a brand new server that I started a little bit ago at midnight on 2/27 going into 2/28. I have gotten Oxide installed and I am still setting things up as we speak, but the server is currently up and running and ready for a new player base!

**Our Goal **
Our goal with this server is to provide a great experience for all players with NO ADMIN ABUSE. I want to emphasize on that because we all hate it, and I will not do it nor will I tolerate any of my other admins doing it! We will only do wipes when necessary and try not to do them so often when we can avoid it. I want to make this a hardcore pvp server with teams of people and I want to help provide fair play for all. We will try our hardest to provide 24/7 active admin support. If an admin isn’t in game, there will always be one online that you can message through the Steam group. I want to eventually add events on the weekends like mass airdrops and weapon tournaments, but I would like to first establish a player base of at least 20 people so that we can all vote on what we would like to see happen. I might also have a couple admin spots available, but haven’t decided on that yet.

Server Features

  • Oxide
  • 50 Slots
  • PvP ON
  • Sleepers ON
  • Durability OFF
  • 1/2 Craft Time
  • Craft C4 ON
  • Airdrops ON @ 15 players (for now)
  • Starter Kit
  • Optional Arena
  • 24/7 Admins (Not always in-game, but available through Steam)
  • More resources added!


  • No Hacking, cheating, exploiting (Of course!) Hackers will be dealt with ASAP!
  • Racial slurs, jokes and words will not be tolerated! First time you get a warning, second time you get banned!
  • Try to get along with people. Don’t be a complete jerk!

Optional Arena!
We also built a giant PvP arena on the outskirts of the map! While on the server, you will see a message that appears talking about the arena. If you join, you will be instantly transfered to the arena where a pvp match of up to 8 people (4 vs 4) will begin! Once a team wins, or when you’re killed, you are transported back to the spot you were teleported from! It’s real easy to join! Just type /ua help in chat for instructions. Below I have made a couple of videos. Sorry one of them has no sound, but it shows a battle happening. Later, once we get enough people on the server, we will have tournaments and prizes!

Let me show you around!

No Sound on this one sorry

We hope to see you in game!

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There are not many people online right now of course, but don’t be discouraged! If you stay in the server, more people will pile up and it will be full before you know it!

Come on in!

Awesome Server

New Video!