New Server - ~RUST ZONE~ *PVP/Noobs Welcome/Sleepers/ Active Admins* (UK)


Brand new OXIDE server on RUST called ~RUST ZONE~ [OXIDE] PVP/Noobs Welcome/Sleepers/ Active Admins (UK

IP -

This server is fresh and untouched for any players looking for a new start. We are looking to create an awesome community and really hope you can join us in doing so.

This server has active admins which will flush out hackers as soon as they appear. Admins will **NEVER **use admin powers for anything other than catching hackers, simply as.

This server currently offers :

  • Starter Kits plugin on
  • Location plugin on
  • Door sharing on
  • Remove tool on
  • Active/Fair Admins
  • Airdrops on
  • Sleepers On
  • PVP On
  • Noobs/Anyone welcome to play
  • Events which will make the server unique
  • No Wipes (Unless server begins to be affected - we will take a server vote)
  • (Taking potential suggestions for other things that may improve server)
  • ** We are adding more plugins as we speak**

We plan to create an Arena styled area with will involve two players fighting - the winner gets a special treat.

Not only that but we want people to come join and help us improve the server, if you have any suggestions on things you may/or may not want, we want know!

This server is as much ours, is it is yours. If you want a plugin added just say, and we will look into getting it

You can join using F1 console and typing in **net.connect **

Any questions? Please join our Steam group and ask away - ~RUST ZONE~ [OXIDE] PVP/Noobs Welcome/Sleepers/ Active Admins (UK) (

7 people have been on server already which is great but we want more!!!

Started to plan building - ‘Arena = Tournaments held with winner getting special prize’
- ‘Community area = For new starts or just anyone wanting to chill out’
- ‘Race course - looking into this idea, cars will only be spawned in for a race’

Server is doing well. 5 players currently online.

Come quick and join in.

BUMP - Tons of space waiting.

Got a few people setting up in our server which is brilliant - plenty space and resources to be had.

Still tons of space about. Server is starting to gain players which is great! Come join, if you want a plugin put in place! Tell us and we’ll make it happen!!!