New server RUSTASTIC - PVP, Half craft time, door sharing, 150 slots, sleepers, starter kit

**Server name: **-Rustastic- -PVP- -Halfcraft- -Door share- -150 players-
**Server IP: **

If you want to just join it right off the bat without trying to find it in the several thousand servers, simply type **net.connect ****
Unfortunately I didn’t really bother to check just how many servers there actually were, so my server is going to be completely lost in the sea of other empty servers to the public. I thought I’d post the information if anyone wanted to hop on with friends so my money doesn’t go completely to waste :v:

If you type /starter it’ll give you a stone hatchet and a wood shelter.
You can also share doors using /share “playername” or if you want to remove the sharing, type /unshare "playername"

There’s also a PM system using /pm "playername"