New Server {RustInbase(1/2craft/sleeper/friendly/adminsActive)}

New up and coming fun playing server. 3 active admins on multiple times of the day. We are noob friendly and fair playing admins (No spawning things for us just because we want/need them). Plan on creating mini games and contests to win certain things may need or want within the world. Web site is being worked on. Rules will be posted on later date.

Server Name: RustINbase(1/2CraftSleeper/Friendly/activeAdmins)
Server IP:

-PVP ON (No Killing in site)
-Raids are permitted at any time (Only time admins step in is if one person is constantly getting raided by the same group over and over)
-Sleepers ON
-1/2 time Crafting
-Air Drops starts after 5 people log on

Looking to add PVP mini-game modes to liven things up a bit. Exp: Mazes, All for one battle, Running of the Admins…more to come and open to suggestions

There is absolutely ZERO tolerance to admin abuse, the only time admin powers are used is when someone is reported as breaking the rules.

Hope to see you there

Server has been updated and ready to go. It now shows up in search and favorites tabs again.

Thanks, Admin