NEW! server SAME game - No PVP / No Drama / 20+ age / Active Admins / No C4 / No Wipes


Follow the ROAD!.. you might find free stuff!!!

Firstly, just please be mature!.. This is a game and we are here to play and have fun not the average drama you see out there in public servers even non-pvp.

We are aimed at the player that wants to login/build/farm/loot well basically just play! We are not welcoming “grief-ing” unless warranted, stealing or constant begging for materials/pieces or upgrades (we are here to PLAY also). In the near future we plan to come up with events as well as contests for earning equipment as well as recruiting good all around players.

C4 has been removed as well as PVP to try and enable the player to actually build a house and keep it as well as keep inventory so we are not always restarting

We are working on gathering statistics and information for events so we can give out awards as well as prizes for “amazing” things that our members do!

Chat and private chat - We are also working towards a more complex chat system that will allow for pm as well as group messaging.

Thanks - net.connect

Free sleeping bags when Admins are on!!!

PVP Games to start - keep watch!

So im looking for a server that has no decay, no dura, no sleepers. I see youve got no wipes. which is awesome. And i like that you dont want any drama. Im 24 by the way and never cared too much for pvp, though occasionally its nice to shoot people lol My main thing with rust is the building and resource gathering. havent gotten far into it cause either the server im on ends up dead or it doesnt have all the features id like it to have or its filled with people who cause problems. wondering if you have airdrops and how often and also. teleport would be nice. if i knew anything about being admin then id probably be down to give it a try lol

We would love to have you! Also we try to meet all of our players needs and wants if it fits within the core group. Most of us too are the gathering and building type so that is a fit for sure!


Getting new members each day! Come visit!

We now have no sleepers and LOW decay!