New server ? (so lag and so player :/)

Hello, is 0kira, im french, so i speak not great english.

My friends and me noted and certainly other than.

There are more 2000 keys, thus 2000 players at 3 servers, we find that we need more server / ability to create server.
I hope you read this and I hope you find a solution for player.


It’s fine as it is right now.

For beginner, you die every 2 minutes or crash server :confused:

Servers aren’t usually cheap you know, and since garry is pretty greedy he won’t just buy another server just so people stop killing each other. He can’t fix something like that. Oh and you just wait till the game is released to the public.

you can imagine, there are already players in 2000, and 4000/5000 players will be unplayable.
There may be no force to make new server, but do something …

Je suis d’accord, il a fait ce jeux pour lui mais si il vend les clés, qu’il assume.

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you can imagine, there are already players in 2000, and 4000/5000 players will be unplayable.
There may be no force to make new server, but do something …

I agree, he made this game for him but if he sells the key, it assumes.

I say that with 200 players on a server that is almost impossible to play and increases day by day I said faudrais absolutely find a solution because its starting to get pretty boring …

Its not fine, maybe if the intentions are to stress the servers to see what they can and cannot handle then it would be fine. Right now the servers are jammed full of people everywhere. Adding more resource nodes farther out would maybe help alleviate the spawn killing.

its hard to even Alpha test the game, when you die in spawn all the time… or get raided when your shelter or first foundation is done.

Its not fine atm. It should be fine even with 300+ players.

When we have problems in the game because of too many players its a problem based on the gameplay.

I hope the devs will see the weak points and can adjust. Like the raiding problem. Less people will not solve the problem it will just happen later.
A better approach would be to make c4 that rare or difficult/time consuming to make so people wont raid your noob shelters or small houses.

I agree with you, about the greedy part. 3 servers and 100k made from selling the keys? There should be like 10 servers with the amount of $$$ he’s made.

People need to get paid for the work they do, servers aren’t free, internet connections for the servers are not free, offices are not free, equipment and software licenses are also not free.
There’s a rather long list of things that aren’t free involved here and I think the answer is perhaps trying to spread out the players and increasing map size.
That is the easiest options for reducing the killing I’d say, without limiting the server to a small amount of players/etc.

They’ve already stated that there will be more servers added in the future. Currently right now in ALPHA TESTING, they want to stress test the servers.

Greedy? Are you freakin’ serious?

Man look, if you are following closely the game industry making a game is really expensive .
Just a small example : 300 MILLION for making Gta5. Yeah It is a fkn huge game blablabla, **but** even small/indie games needs (as you can see from kickstarts) at least 250 000.
Even with simple math notions and logic you can understand…

Anyways lets get to the point.
Of course I would love that there would be more servers so everyone could play correctly,
but there are a lots of different reasons behind that.
Money is maybe one of them but it is mostly about how the way that they want to develop the game. You can be sure that they have some goals/plan that they need to reach before taking more servers, otherwise it would be just pointless.

So please, I am begging you, before judging someone that you don’t even really know try to really learn about how things “roll” and then you can only say that “he is a greedy bastard”.

Thank you!

Personally I think they could avoid getting another server (Who knows you could even run multiple servers on a decent box depending on how well the server files are working) if you were to increase / expand the map and its resources.

Its currently limiting people into a small area and if it continues to increase then they should really look at doing that. Granted they need to stress test the servers but if the numbers continue to increase then its just going to be a group of 20 people fighting over 1 log pile.

Either way it wouldn’t cost them that much to get another box for a year if they decide to do so, however personally I’d prefer the map to open up more.

Right now especially in the US server it is merely a turf war with 3-4 clans and everyone else sandwiched between them. If they opened up the maps more it could act as a better way to stress test.

There is no denying at this time that the servers are highly cluttered, but you got to trust that the devs have plans to alleviate that.

That’s really what the EU server is going to need very soon (if not already). There are groups of people with tons of metal, kevlar and guns who dominate the most populated areas of the map (which are also the areas that get the most wood&metal nodes and where most of the radiated zones with loot are located). I built my first base in the middle of the dominating groups and got my house raided 6-8 times a day. I rebuilt my house in a more remote location that has significantly less resources available and no crates to loot and still get raided 2-4 times in a day.

More space is definitely needed, you either have to get absolutely demolished by the largest groups on the server or deal with the fact that you have to set up camp in the middle of nowhere. And get raided a bit less.

i built my first decent house under the cover of night right next to some guys base as this guy seemed to be hogging all the resources, now i just sit there on the roof with my m4 waiting for it to all spawn, then he gathers it for me. what a kind guy.
if you dont want to be raided build a huge house with loads of useless rooms with no doors and then have your stash spot on the 3rd floor surrounded by loads of other useless rooms, that way when the glitchers get in they’re fucked.

Where have you been Shadowalker? You and DES haven’t played since the lag switching has been fixed?