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I have recently accumulated myself am eight slot server and have decided too run SpaceBuild 3 (sb3) on it. So I am making this post too ask you, the people and lurkers, of FacePunch studios; Your opinion on thing such as;

What would you like too see in a SpaceBuild server?
What do you think would be the best choice of maps?
What are your favorite SpaceBuild maps?
Or you can just plain out ask questions here or anything of the sort.

Basically this is a form of ‘Free’ opinions related to SpaceBuild 3 gamemode and what you like about it.

Not saying this is a SpaceBuild 3 post, its mainly referring to my server ( but I’m finding out what you would like too see or would jus tlike in general on a server of this ‘taste’.

Also, a side note.

If you see any spelling errors in the above sections, then just claim I called oops.
My keyboard sometimes has habits of typing the wrong letters when they a merely being lightly tapped.
For those who don’t care and don’t inspect: Erm… hi?

It’s always nice to see some more ‘SpaceBuild’ servers in the list, but i’m going to ask you one favour, any and all mods required for the server can you post them either on your own site if you have one or in this thread to let players know what they need to download, I for one hate joining servers only to find i don’t have one or two of the addons required.

I’m pretty sure this is in the right forum though i could be mistaken.

I’ll be sure to check out your server.

This stuff can go anywhere in the forum, don’t get worked up about it.

Love to see a spacebuild server where the admin team is reasonable, where it runs on an optimized map, and it has all the important packs (PHX, WIRE, SBMP, and SP3). Looks like it’s a decent idea to me. Make sure you pick a good host. Cheaper is not better, because spacebuild can have tons of props. Also, give your server pizazz, and stuff that is not found elsewhere. Stuff like ingame radios, and RP functions can make your server preferred over others.

Good idea, want to see where this goes.

Before we, I, do anything I will be having a pack of all the addons (compressed: 664MB) either in a mirror site of or directing on

In total there are over 122,000 files so… Joining with out any of them would cause people too really; ‘lmao’


All the people that do spacebuild already have the SVNs. Making file packs is the fast way to incompatibility.

Yeah. But not everyone would have all the LS3 addons, well nvm I have to refrain from saying that.

Beginners, of SB3, only have the most simple LS3 stuff.

For some reason, the CAF is like not enabling the addons so LS is useless

Assmod compeltely screws up when playing, its like Wow…

This atomically makes me not to want to join your server.

You make it seem like I wanted you too?

I’ll have to agree with compwhiziitothema (man, get a less complicated name!) on that :confused:
When you want to say something, don’t spend 30 minutes talking about something completely different…

A “Please don’t spam this thread.” would have been enough, lol.

About the deal with uploading shit to, don’t. Just don’t. If some guy comes to your server complaining about errors, tell them to go to this page:

It’s an alt dude.

What would you like too see in a SpaceBuild server? - Admins on commonly, very high performance

What do you think would be the best choice of maps? - Forlorn is nice. Other, simpler maps are welcome.

What are your favorite SpaceBuild maps? - Forlorn, Spacewar, the original good old gm_spacebuild_v3


  1. What StickyNade said.
  2. Any map works.
  3. I’ve not really investigated SB3, but I liked sb_gooniverse with SB2