New Server starting at 28.12.13 after Serverlags are fixed >> [EU]FunRust[PVP][Sleeper][No Abuse] Noobs welcome!

Hello People,

**Server name: **
[EU]FunRust[PVP][Sleeper][No Abuse] Noobs welcome!
**IP: **
( You can connect via Console press F1 and write net.connect )
**Server Location: **
Europe > Germany
**Slots: **

Info about the Server:
No Admin Abuse
PvP On ( Maybe first day PvE, but ill ask the community )
No Lags
Sleeper ON
Normal Crafting Time

**Random Airdrop 1 per ingame Day
PvP Tournament/Arena ** (Soon)
And much more after a while… :slight_smile:

Using Cheats,Hacks,Scripts,Bots or any other third party programm is forbidden.
Only English or German in Chat.
Respect other Players and Admins.
No disrespectful Flame for Raids by other Player.
If you gain Knowledge of any violation of our Rules u have to report them.
Have a lot of fun!!

Have a nice Day,
Jolle (Presenter)


Server wiped right now and is Online.

Good luck have fun, go for fair play :slight_smile:


[editline]28th December 2013[/editline]

Nevermind ddos kiddys woke up again.
So we need to wait until they managed to stop them or they going sleep…

I´ll post here when the server is up again.

cya later

Server online up again.

Good luck have fun!


wow 25 players in the first 2min and then DDos again :frowning:

Server is up again.

I hope it will work now:)

Cya ingame

ConnectionFailed :confused:

yeaa, after a long time the server is again up.

I hope it will work now and the ddos kiddys stopped :slight_smile:

Good luck

No lags anymore?!

Hello guys,

I think the server is working now.

Good luck have fun

[editline]30th December 2013[/editline]

The server is working for like 2 hours now :slight_smile:
I hope the ddos kiddys are done now.

And btw i dropped the craftime on 0,5.
So its the half time now.
We can change it again if u guys dont want it.

Good luck

Hello guys,

We bought a better server today with better interface for selfupdates and better ram.
We closed this one.

[EU] PVP PLAY 31.12 Fresh Wipe
( You can connect via Console press F1 and write net.connect )

Cya there:)

Have a nice day

NeverMind - My Error :slight_smile: