[New Server] The Garbage Can. Oxide Mod's . Active Admins . Mature and Friendly neighbor's . Teleport Request!

The Garbage Can is a affiliate of Task Force Aegis Gaming Community.

Teamspeak : aegis.clants.net

We are veteran DayZ players and some of us have been playing Rust since day 1. We are trying to work on our own mods to better benefit the community. We are looking for more players to become active and enjoy what we have to offer.

Here is some benefits of joining us!

Half Crafting!

If you transfer we will give you some wood planks to get started.

24/7 Admin Support … Starter Kits , Donator Gear ( Nothing extreme … Leather Set + Hatchet currently )

World Saving every 9 minutes. Dropboxed linked for storage instantly. No Wipes! Never will there be a wipe with us. Decay will happen after we get 60 constant players.

World Events - Massive Airdrops - GiveOuts - Paintball Arena - Valley Of Death.

Oxide Anti-decay Plugin
Disables the decay of structures

Oxide Basic Economy Plugin ( You can buy resources and gear by using the /price and /buy command )
Introduces a money system into rust

Oxide Chat History Plugin
Allows for the viewing of chat history

Oxide Door Sharing Plugin
Allows the sharing of doors.

Oxide FixYourName Plugin
Kicks users with non standard characters

Oxide Groups Plugin
Allows the creation of groups

Oxide List Players Plugin
Allows the listing of online players

Oxide Loot Spawn Lists Plugin
Allows the customization of loot spawn tables

Oxide MOTD Plugin
Allows the addition of a MOTD

Oxide Oxmin Plugin
Oxide Oxmin Admin Plugin

Oxide Private Messaging Plugin
Allows users to private messaging

Oxide Teleportation Requests Plugin
Allows for user teleportation requests

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

Awesome Server!!! Neighbors are friendly and sometimes willing to help…the teleport feature is awesome…get lost? just tele to a friend!!!

pretty sweet so far!! loved the starter kit… i was able to get rid of the damn spawn rock off of the bat… pants optional!!!

good server with active admins. gotta love tossing the spawn rock off the bat. where else can you have naked rock fighting with friends

Honestly most fun I have had on rust!

world saves are a plus!

Removing the

Oxide FixYourName Plugin
Kicks users with non standard characters

As people with I’m is considered non standard characters which is false. So we are removing this addon till a later date.

if you are currently on the server please bare with us as we restart the server. Thanks

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Server now restarts every 4 hours without warning. Working on making a warning for the restart.

Please contact me on steam or skype if you need a admin / have questions.

We are looking for admins to fill the open positions we have.

Steam : 155u35
Skype : TurtleSoldier

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***For the next 3 hours.

First 10 people to establish a base with us. Will receive helpful resources and some equipment. ***

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Been on here for a week now and love it. Active admins. Helpful friendly people but still the bad guys to make things interesting. At least check it out.

Glad everyone is enjoying the server!

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What do yall think about Modified Crafting and Loot tables?

Once we get auto restart working again. We will be saving the world every restart.