New Server: --- The Wiener Palace ---

I just started hosting a new server 1/1/14 and wanted to attract some people to it!

Server Name: — The Wiener Palace — [Chicago][Sleep:Instacraft:PVP:Newbs]

How to Connect via Console: net.connect

How to engage with Administration: #thewienerpalace on freenode (IRC)

Who We Are: We’re a growing community of new rust players. The Server started on 1/1/2014. We have triumvirate administration with zero admin abuse.

We’re looking to grow as much as possible. Currently we’re a 50 slot server, as soon as we hit 20 concurrent people we’re going to jump to 100 slots. We’d like to grow as much as possible for a rich emergent experience.

We encourage the creation of factions. We’d like to see some large scale teaming.

The game save-files are being backed up daily and stored in multiple redundant locations.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))