New Server: UndyingFuryrp [TDMCars/Wiremod/FA:S AlphaSweps/ Modified Darkrp] 32 Slots l Good Admins l Promotions on

Register at and get a promotion on awesome perks. We have /me texts, WireMod, TDMcars, and more. A server up and running frequently, join now. Nice staff and active admins. Remember to register at the website. We are running the map rp_evilmelon. Thanks for reading and I hope we get to meet you in the server.

(User was banned for this post ("wrong section/awful thread" - postal))

So what exactly is proprietary about your server?

Sounds like every run of the mill DerpRP server to me.

Some tips from a successful server owner:

  1. Get off DarkRP
  2. Register an actual domain, dont waste your donations on stupid shit.
  3. Hire or become a coder that makes something proprietary and fun for the community, not your small group of friends.
  4. Give admin because people can make accurate and positive decisions while doing so, not because they are your friends.
  5. Get a host that isn’t shit, most of us use NFO, your players will appreciate it.