New Server, Unknown to You's Server. 25 Plugins Oxide 1.9, Rare Mil, Slp, Pvp, 1/4 Craft

Howdy just introducing my server, a lot of us played on the K4R clan server, when they wiped I started this in hopes to bring that community here, so far its worked, we’re a small populated but growing by the day, We over 25 oxide working plugins with oxide 1.9, custom loot, airdrops, etc etc, 1/4 craft may be reduced to instant in near future, no admin abuse, absolutely none, 2 starter kits, will listen to server and implement what they want, c4 Uncraftable currently, come check us out, net.connect

Server Wiped !! as of 2/4, Server is PVP, Sleeper, Half-craft, airdrops, custom loot tables, airdrops, basic starter kit no OP sleeping bags, only 1 time redeem, economy but store only for high end items really only in place to support quest/bounty plugin, offer base alarm and key theft plugins, also NO decay, low population currently, NO admin abuse, no hacking, and no griefing as in walling someone in.chopping down stairs and replacing with ceilings etc etc, If you want to come play with us net.connect Thank you hope to see you there