New server Up ROLe play. Need to populate.!!!

Fl Dedicated dark Rp server Role Play
Its a new server please join i want to make this happen!!!

If you have any feedback just tell me in game i want to please my people.!

Ip is

What makes this different from the other dark rp servers?

You are going to fail, and we hope someone like you does.

Jeez Leaf :open_mouth:

Please post more information OP.

this is bad.

Server sounds unique.

Best OP Ever :q:

Leaf, Son I am disappoint. But to the OP, I do wish you best of luck but you really should spice up your little ad here with something.

1st.Why would I join your server, there are hundreds of other DarkRP out there.
2nd.What makes your gamemode epic 1337 ?
3rd.If you want your server to be populated, dont use DarkRP.

You sir are very wrong, I do love to get a giggle out of people who use the whole ‘DarkRP is a shitty script, no one will play your server etc etc’

Lets look at the number one server at the moment (Well before someone started (D)DOSing them, who could it be? I also wonder what gamemode they run?

Then my server for example, in meer weeks I have already reached #17 using a highly modified version of DarkRP.

So basically anyone who says DarkRP is a failure and will never get popular, it can be with some work.

K nice hud on your server Adamm. Looks like it is from d3vine build and rp.

D3vine’s hud

Their hud

At of curiosity I then went in to their code and what do I see. I see this

– BG was hur




More proof that it was stolen.

Before he freaks out and says no proof or some sort of bullshit, just look for yourself.

I can’t say I do the main developing for the gamemode anymore, but Ill look into it and see how this happened.

Also even if this was true, the only similarity is in the design, we do indeed code custom features into the HUD (Admin and class related stuff) But once again, ill look at SVN logs to see who actually added the base design.

Well it depends, if there is cool new content like new HUD or something else like that, then its ok. But this server I wonder if it has a modified HUD, and full of other cool features.