New server! [US]24/7 FFA PvP/Slprs On|No Admin!

Just made a new server, fooled around with the Admin power and got bored, wiped it and inviting everyone
Get clans, raid, pillage, be friendly, help people, whatever, have fun. With the new requirements on ammo and such, everyone will be on a level playing field with the wipe.

Sleepers ON
Admins ON (Don’t use admin power except to kick hackers or get people unstuck)
Slots: 200
Connection: net.connect

Server is Chicago based.

Feel free to message me on Steam under this same name.

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wrong section man :frowning:
Post your server in this section :

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No admin? Admin power given to users? christ, that sounds like a disaster waiting to happen…

I just meant that I don’t use the admin console.