[NEW SERVER] (US) ConvictGaming.com[Wiped2-24|PvP/PvE|Vanilla|Recruiting|Friendly] [NYC]

**>>>>>>STARTED 2/24<<<<<<

–Active and Fair Admins
–No Hacking
–No Abuse
–Updated instantly
–2 x Durability
–PvP and PvE
–Minimal Raiding
–No Lag
–Airdrop at 8 players!
–Great Community
–100 Slot
–Recruiting Players and Admins!

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We have Plenty of plans for upcoming server Events and activities!

If you have any questions, please comment!

Good server, friendly people. +

Great server, no lag, and awesome community


A++++ great server, great service, great admins, would buy again.

10/10 would bang.

no rearry. come play. begin your empire here.

Glad you guys are enjoying it. :smiley: Please invite your friends!

Server running perfectly with steadily rising player amount, looking good, see you there!

Do you guys have any questions about the server or maybe ideas for other activities?

Yes operation hunt bixr!

We can arrange that. A man hunt style game would be great.

Would like to set up a single guy with full kev/m4 in his inventory, but only wearing a helmet. Kill him for the gear. Simple start.

this server is both cognizant and accepting of my need to run through forests naked.

So cool first night, mass airdrop(6 planes) dropped at same time, good pvp. Then set up a pvp minigame assault 2v10, 2 defending with prizes, great time. Also did a pve player hunt with tips, finder got basically a free house, in materials. Brought cool new people to the server.

Thanks for coming to play, more mini-games etc to come!

Glad you liked it! Hoping to do more activities as we get more people!

Hoping to do Hunger Games and a large PvP Activity! We need more people though!

Aslo just changed it to Double Durability!

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We are also working on a King Of The Hill constant PvP Activity, where whomever have control of the castle by the end of each day (of specific times) will win an Supply Signal for that team! Come test this activity with us!

So much fun!!! Lots of helpful people to get you going.