**NEW SERVER** [US-Dallas] PVP-Door Share-No Sleepers-Fast Craft-PMs-Oxide!

We have created a new rust pvp server. Below are some highlights of the server and how to connect easier.

-PVP … No Whining about getting killed !!
-Door Share … Share your door access with trusted players/friends.
-No Sleepers … Camp out safely and do not worry about getting killed while offline.
-Fast Craft … Craft every item in a fraction of the time.
-PMs … Private message other players.
-Active Admin … Report hacks and they will be addressed.
-Airdrops … Currently set to 5 players to encourage PVP Hotspots.

Server & Connection Info:


You can quickly join without having to hunt it through the list by using copy and past on the below line in the in game console(F1)


Admins are down to earth and not over powered.

Just uping this server, I have been playing on this server for the past few days and everyone has been cool. We just need more peeps :slight_smile: