New Server, US east coast Oxide/UncraftableModernWeapons/econ/sleepers

Greetings! A few friends and I have undertaken an endeavour to host a server where there is no easy, quick jump to modern weapons and armour, where fortune does not grant you an M4 in the first crate you open. Instead, the gameplay surrounding the early, starter weapons is much prolonged. The bow and arrow is essential, canned food worth saving and paper…well, paper is still garbage. However, modern weapons (excluding the 9mm pistol blueprint, because we’re not ANIMALS) and armour are unresearchable and uncraftable, and only spawn via airdrop. Airdrops are currently at the default of 50 (same as server limit), but will drop to a much more reasonable level as soon as we see what the average user load is. Oh…and supply signals can be purchased. For a price.

Early Access Disclaimer:
We’re running Oxide, whose plugins can be temperamental on game update days, so in the event an update causes Oxide not to load plugins properly, resulting in modern weapon loot being dropped and craftable suddenly, we may shut the server down until all the important plugins are up to date. Otherwise, user data will be wiped to ensure a continued level playing field for those who return or join up after all the updates have been applied.

Give us a shot! With a bow, most likely…or maybe the pipe shotgun. Suggestions welcome.

Multiplay :: AGM :: Oxide/ActiveAdmin/Rare/UncraftableModernWeapons/Econ

We’ve had a few people give us a try so far, so we’re up to about 6 or 7. I have to say, bow and hatchet fights are quite the spectacle…

Currently, air drops have been reduced to 10. With item deterioration, though modern weapons do certainly provide an advantage for a period, it may be short lived in trying to keep them. :slight_smile:

Found this thread by searching the server’s IP address.

We are currently unable to place foundations. Can you restart the server? That apparently fixes this glitch.

Are admins active on the server?

Active on the server, yes. Active on the forum, not so much this past week. :slight_smile: The server is set to restart every 24 hours, but otherwise look for “Souza”

I’ve also added the Level, Experience and Skills plugin on the server. Still testing it for game balance issues (say, does increasing Damage skill enough make you way overpowered?) so there may be some tinkering still.