Hey everyone just got this server up and running. I got the server because i was tired of bouncing from server to server due to lag, admin abuse, ddos, and hackers. I wanted a stable server with admins that helped the server instead of hurt it and i realized if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. So here comes the Heroes server we have 3 great smart admins that are always on the server has no lag very well ddos protected and hackers will be taken care of fast and with solid proof. We have goals for this server a few of them are up time i want the server to be up all the time no down time what so ever, stability this server is going to be stable no problems lag or ddos, and a friendly helpful admin staff that will work problems out within seconds. So hopefully you guys come on down and give it a try see you in the server!!! net.connect

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Also airdrops after 50 we will do hour airdrops like i said very active

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Hey man I was on your server earlier today and came back to find it missing. Is it gone for good? Definitely would be a bummer if that was the case.