[NEW SERVER - US] ~Noob Friendly~[Rare C4/Starter/Sleepers/Military/LowDur/ AirDrops @ 10 Players]


Join EvoServers today! To join press the F1 Key at the main menu of Rust, then copy and paste this into the console: net.connect

NO WIPES - decay has been set to 10 days.

Features include:
◦ Essentials
◦  Sleepers on
◦  Air Drops automated every hour @ 10 Players
◦  PvP
◦  No Admin Abuse
◦ .1 Decay on items
◦ Shorter Nights

Custom loot tables and crafting details listed below:
Rare items:
◦ Flares (this limits C4)
◦ M4
◦ C4 BP
◦ MP5
◦ Weapon Ammo

◦ If caught hacking/cheating/glitching - permanent ban
◦ If caught exploiting a glitch in game or mods you will be - warned with repercussions
◦ If caught advertising - permanent ban
◦ If caught being racist - warned with 3 strikes leading to mute
◦ If caught griefing to an excessively - warned once second time is ban

Thank you for browsing and have a great day!
Hope to see you in the server!
If you have any suggestions please post them.