New Server [US] PvE 6 Days | PvP 1 Day | 1/2 craft | No Sleeper | Events | Limited Airdrops

PlayRust Purge Server is looking for new players: We enjoy the PvE aspect of Rust but it gets stale so we’ve decided to spice things up (but only slightly).

We will have 6 days of no raiding PvE where you can build up a decent base (and not get raided by groups of bandits every night). And at a set time for 24 hours on Saturdays PvP is turned on and everything becomes a tad bit more risky.

-will not tolerate hackers.
-will not tolerate immaturity.
-have 3 dedicated admins and one part time admin.
-limit airdrops till the population grows. (We will always have at least one drop during our PvP day).
-only have admin interference during events. Any admin wanting to participate in PvP will have to build up a base with the start of a rock, and make everything the sweat and tears kind of way.
-will have events. For example siege on an admin designed fortress, scavenger hunts, and many more for prizes.
-will back up server files and restart server daily to minimize accidental wipes.
-will wipe servers only when absolutely necessary for updates or the community votes for it.
-have a forum and event calendar.
-have a 10 man TS server which we will upgrade once the community grows. (And quite possibly switch to mumble.)
-have the server located in LA but have admins on both the east and west coast.

Server IP:
If this sounds like something you might enjoy then come check out out website: for more details.

We’ve got a good 50 slots up and running smoothly, and a special arena is in progress.

We are still looking for more people interested in this kind of format. Second day online and we hit a peak of 17 players. Check it out, and if it is something you might like come join us. Mumble server info is also available if you register with us on the forums (registration isn’t a requirement, however it is still recommended you read the rules to find out what were all about).

Hey, I am unable to put down wood foundations down, they keep breaking!! is there an issue with the server or is it me?