NEW SERVER - [US] Rust++ Noob Friendly (Wiped 1/12 DoorShare/PVP/Sleepers/.5 Craft)

[US] Rust++ Noob Friendly ( Wiped 1/12 DoorShare / PVP / Sleep / .5 Craft )

- Fresh Wiped Server 1/12/14 -

*** Over 8 Active Admins ***

  • Mature
  • Noob Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Non Abusive

— Server Info —

Server Name: [US] Rust++ Noob Friendly {Wiped 1/12/14} (PVP/Sleepers/ 1/2 Craft)
Slots: 100

To Connect
Press F1 - Copy and Paste

Rules: The Following May Result in Perm Ban

*** No Cheating ***
No Spam
No Flaming
No Racism

- Server MoD - Rust++

1\2 Craft
Airdrop Set to 35+ People
Shared Doors
Player Killed Notifications
Starter Kits
Private Messages
Chat history
Players Online Check

Server owner Rapid
If you have any questions feel free to Ad me ""
I will always be online

Cool man ima log on right now

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no lag, this mod is really cool




Great server! :slight_smile:

Server Mod Is Running Smooth

So far so good. getting alot of good people joining, hope it continues to grow :slight_smile:

I’m Having a blast on this server :smiley:

Such a fun server!
I love when you kill an admin and they ban you for aimhacks!

Watch out for bans! Played here with a friend and he got banned for “aim botting” because he killed an admin. Bunch of us put in a good half day on this server to settle down to play so I hope our wasted time can be helpful to you.

Good luck everyone!

Retracting my statement. This is a terrible server if you want to play ‘legit’ . Blazedwarrior was shot and killed and then proceeded to ban our friend essentially making us all quit so we can still play with him. WASTED an ENTIRE day on this server setting up. Blazed said he was “aimbotting” but clearly none of us are (no proof either), since you can tell it takes like 10 shots to kill people most of the time. So basically if you ‘beat’ them they ban you immediately. Don’t waste your time. We really did like this server and spent literally all evening setting up and having fun to end up being useless. Had to throw away our entire days worth of supplies and quit. Good time spent on my entire night off, not to mention telling all my friends to quit their other servers to come here… good times. When we all tried to defend our friend we weren’t even listened to by the server chat and taunted more about ‘crying’-- yes you fucktard if you unrightfully ban our friend and ruin our entire game for no reason we’re gonna be mad.

^Might want to change that.

We were all super excited about this server and its growth but its a waste and experienced ruined now. We gave up owning a server to come here for a more dynamic atmosphere.

So only come to this server if you want to basically do nothing, gather, afk, and let the admins/their friends kill you without fighting back. And to these cheaters: What’s the point to 'have all the resources" when you have no one to fight against or out strategy…? Why promote this server and want over 35 people when you can’t handle 3-4 people against you? You gonna keep banning them all till you have only newbs who can’t progress against you?

**Pretty sure someone just gave admin access to the wrong people when they went to bed… since rapid was really cool but obviously blazed and his friends are just butthurt about being bad. Next time think about who has admin access. 1 retard can ruin it for everyone.

What a shame.

Maybe if you guys didn’t cry like little girls and dump all your items before the issue was resolved you wouldn’t be in the situation, your friend was banned for all of 5 mins while the admins discussed the issue. He had multiple reports from players in the server accusing him of aimbotting. We took safety measures to try and protect the other 20 members of the server. We did not ask you to dump your stockpile in a childish rage, I told you many times i would lift the Ban. You guys wouldn’t hear anything in your rage. I can totally understand why you are upset. But to Slander the server when someone was clearly trying to protect everyone and remove a cheater is just plain silly. the other 18 people on the server seemed to have no issue with it. Sorry that you feel this way. Noone is currently banned from our server. And you all are welcome back. If we have any reports of aimbotting or other cheating we will take immediate action.

I like how every time people get shot its ‘aim botting’. How are there THAT many reports when the server literally just started… that’s right people just complained the second they died because them just needing to be better at this game can’t possibly be the right solution. And at the time, there was your group of “admin buddies/friends of admins” and us no random group of 18 strangers vs us. Rapid was killed and even killed one of us and it was fine but the second he goes to bed all shit breaks lose with Blazed being a fucking crybaby.

And yeah we quit, and so we’re not leaving a house full of supplies for a bunch of babies to randomly get. Because frankly you don’t deserve it if you can’t play this game correctly and learn to get shot, get back up try harder and raid people eventually.

It’s not slander we’re telling the damn truth. You’re sore losers and way too pumped to have admin control in some game in alpha. Let people actually play the game how its supposed to be… and protip that means YOU GET SHOT AND DIE MANY TIMES.

Well maybe if, upon airing our grievances to the admin, if they didn’t respond with “quit crying” immediately we would have taken time and discussed it, but man, out the gate it was immediate hostility back to us. So understandably we saw no need to try and reason with someone who seemed to have no problem with us leaving the server since “3 more people were logging on anyway”.

A little diplomacy and tact would go a long way in your future endeavors.

I was very happy to join a server, everyone seem very nice- but admins were very mean. They just kick and ban everyone who that is better than them. I was just try to make some friends and get materials, they are not very nice. Nobody let me build house with them and start a family:(

One of the most awful servers I have ever played on. The admins on this server are completely abusive. I’ve witnessed them use their admin powers to gain the advantage over players numerous times. They are very impolite and use their admin powers to intimidate others. My friends and I were banned for supposedly putting a ceiling on someones base and “griefing” it. They didn’t confront us with the accusation or have video evidence. It was just bans all around no questions asked. That is the kind of experience you will have on this server. People get banned without proof or question. If they don’t like you they will ban you. If you raid their bases they will ban you. They will use their admin powers to obtain weapons, build indestructible bases, and lord over you during your whole stay. I’ve noticed many other people saying the same things in this thread. So you know there must be some hint of truth to it. And if you’re a perceptive person whom doesn’t like their time wasted, avoid it. There are dozens of better servers with better staff out there.

-Admins are immature
-Admins abuse their powers
-Admins ban on a whim
-The community is mostly made up of victims and kids who suckle upon the admins teet for handouts

Avoid this server entirely if you don’t want to waste your time.

Don’t waste your time on this server if your looking for equal play. Just recently(couple of hours ago), I was able to 1v2 the owner (Rapid) and his friend in big rad town and looted all their gear. I did it fair and square but the owner got all butthurt and eventually came up to me INVISIBLY and killed me. Right after I died, I was kicked from the server only to find out I was banned. The owner does like players on the server better than them. And quite frankly they aren’t very good, so if you have any amount of skill, you’ll probably end up banned anyway!