New Server - [US] Seattle - PvP/Sleeper ON 1/1/2014

I want you to join us and help us make this an awesome server with good people and PVP is always a plus. Below is the information about our server. Please join us today!

Clean Wipe 1-1-2014 [PVP/SLEEP] No Admin Abuse

PvP/Sleep ON - 50 player server.
Friendly Admins - (3-4) for around the clock solutions to hackers/server issues
Wipes Only If Required By Update
FRESH SERVER - Clean Wipe as of 1-1-2014.
Server Location: Seattle, Washington

Absolutely No Admin Abuse Allowed or Tolerated!

Game Server IP: net.connect (Hit F1 to access the console and copy paste this)

We are focusing on getting an active player base started as fast as possible to reduce the chances of people getting ahead.


Also, these would have greatly helped me if you don’t already know about them. Two different style maps - -

Excellent start so far! Hope to see more of you guys soon