New Server: [USWest] Bay Area (PVP/SLP, No Abuse, 1/2 Craft) NEW 1/2/14

This is one of the few bay area California servers out there.

Server is brand new as of today. We will not be wiping on too much of a regular basis unless the community demands it or needs it.

We have 3-4 admins who will be online a good portion of the evenings (PST) and on weekends. The biggest play time for most of us is 5pm to 2am PST.

Its a 150 slot server with great ping, responsive admins, and no tolerance for cheating or abuse. This is a newb friendly server as many of us have just started playing the game.

Please join us on the server tonight as we kick off what will hopefully be a great gaming experience for all of us!

[USWest] Bay Area (PVP/SLP, No Abuse, 1/2 Craft) NEW 1/2/14

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Fast Craft?

1/2 craft, so the craft time is halved.

what is the ip hard to find in sever list