(NEW SERVER) [USWEST] Noob Friendly GROUPS-ActiveAdmins-ECONOMY!-HalfCraft-DoorSHARE!-

BOUND Gaming Rust Server! BRAND NEW SERVER!! Server Based in Seattle!

Server information
Server IP:
Admins: ClumsyPenguin, Hate
Voice: 100 Slot Mumble Server
Beginner Friendly: Yes (I will always be available for advice and questions!)
Active Admins!
Non-abusive admins

Features(MORE TBA!)
** Features(MORE TBA!)
-1/2 Craft
-Random Free item events
-AirdropMinPlayers@ 10(will increase with more people)
-Doorshare (add on 1/17/2014)
-Economy!(Buy Sell Trade with in game money)
-DoorShare (Share doors with your friends!)
-Groups! (group up with your friends)
-Group Chat (Talk Privately to people in your group)
-Adminhelp command (Private Help from admins)
-Starter kits /kit (starterSPECIAL 250 Wood Planks and more to get you started!) (hatchet spawns metal hatchet)
-Chat History
-Player list
-Thinking about doing special cmds for regulars and donors not sure just yet awaiting feedback.
-adding questng system for rewards!(work in progress still buggy)
-Free Stuff to get you started!

Other notes
I (ClumsyPenguin) Want to give you the best server experience possible. I will listen to you and accept advice to make the server better.
I will not allow hacking of any kind and will take serious action.
Looking forward to see more people on the server and if you need to reach me my SteamID is “[BOUND] ClumsyPenguin”