NEW SERVER! Vamberfield and Rusty's Server!

New Server: Vamberfield and Rusty’s Server 117

I am Rusty and I am here on behalf of my new server, ran by me and my uncle Vamberfield, called Vamberfiels and Rusty’s Server 117. We began 2 days ago and have 5 currently active members on a 50 slot server, and our goal is to have a full server 50/50. We have a great community with active and non-abusive admins and the server is up 24/7. We are working on figuring out the more complex side to the server a we know the basics already. We soon plan to have addons such as /remove an etc, but in the meantime just call an admin to demo it with grenades and C4. We run the server out of our own pockets and would like to run it (some day) off of donations. We have a list of prices for different things in the woks, but we do not have the payment system set up yet. We would love to see you all online sometime soon.

Server Info

Listed Name: Vamberfield and Rusty’s Server 117

IP and Port: