NEW Server (Wipe 1/21) - |\/|egadeth - PvP|Sleep|InstaCraft|StartKits|Econ|US East

We’d love to have you make this server your home to Rust!

Hosted by, geographically located in Dallas TX datacenter, and automatically backed up. We regularly take manual backups as well.

Connect by pressing F1 and pasting in the below connection string!

**Settings/Plugins (OXIDE):

PvP / Sleeper

Instant Craft

Starter/Welcome Kits (auto dispersed and limited)

Economy (/ehelp, /price, /buy, /sell)

Player List (/list)

Chat History (/history)

Private Messaging (/pm <playername> message)

Message of the Day

Remover Tool (Admin can grant the ability to remove a misplaced pillar or foundation, or do it for you by request.)

Death Messages (Player Deaths are broadcasted)

FixYourName (Keeps players with ASCII codes in their names, usually hackers, from joining the server)

Custom Loot Tables - Loot tables have removed paper, lowered blood draw kit spawns, more rare M4 & Bolt Action, added revolver to weapon crates and widened the different ranges of ammo, fragments, gunpowder drops (Lower low, higher high)**

Airdrops are limited to 5 players at this time.
Supply drops have more randomness in the ammo in the crates (not always 250), and also the other supply drops have been altered slightly.

Why join us?
Active Admins, friendly core group of players that will not gank naked noobs.

Upcoming events will be posted on our FB page: The premise will be to backup the normal server, wipe, then host quick start events where you start with X resources and an event will last a short period. When the event is over, the original server data will be restored. Events and their content are currently being discussed heavily by the admins

Voice Server
We are currently deciding on a voice solution at this time for when the population grows!

Hope to see you there!

Added Facebook page to thread.

I guess I shouldn’t advertise my server and then go afk standing in a field hahahaha! ooops


Please stop by and toss us a like or check out the server!

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I forgot to include 2 plugins we are running, prob the most important one - Custom Loot Tables.