New Server with chill active admins


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Rust Community Server [Rust Buzz] Giveaway Loot! YOUR PASSWORD
Rust Buzz Community is offering new comers the chance to start building in this server early on… This is a brand new server launched today… and we want to motivate new comers with this community loot giveaway!

Let’s start by unlocking these doors with this hidden password found here on Steam Groups, Facepunch, and Reddit! The password is 4242.

Once you find the tower as seen in these screenshots:

Go to the door, press and hold E, and enter the password: 4242

Any new member will have access to grabbing this loot. Speed is everything, so get there quick. This giveaway will happen for the next 3 hours with random loot spawns (ending giveaway at 2:00 AM PST) New loots will appear and new passwords will be listed on this post. Keep page open for updates and stay tuned for more Community Loot!

Server Name: [Rust Buzz][OXIDE][Persistent|NO Whipes|PVP|Currencies|Trades]
Server IP/PORT:

Screenshots of community loot giveaway:

  • Password to unlock: 4242
  • Current Giveaway: Starts 11:00 PM PST - Ends: 12:00 PST
  • New Password after 12:00 PST
  • BONUS: Random Bonus AirDrops during these event times (Early Comers Spirit)

Enter the password at this tower (Next to the hangers) by the ocean!
more screenshots:

Smart to make people OP already… The strongest will stay but get bored eventually.

Lets give 'm all 20 C4 so they can blow about your population…

Unless you changed the loot tables it will turn into that ^

Hopefully you manage to actually change it so EVERYONE has a fair chance instead of just a few people.

Good luck !

Admins are giving starter kits and stuff

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We giving everyone starter kits and stuff in the community center, this includes advanced gear as well so it gives everyone a fair chances and stuff it all depends who gets there first, no one seems to being going for it so far ^.^