New Server with fun ideas

Hello my name is Jukemoney. I started a server called “The Trading Post PVP <3 Nubs/ Nokill Trading Zone/ Active Admin”
and I intend to get it started. My plan is to have a few designated no shooting trading areas to establish an interesting economy. Because its brand new I will give starter packs to those joining.

1x Hunting bow
1x stone hatchet
4x arrow (all it takes to kill a bear)
1x campfire

I love this game and created a server so I could have unlimited creative potential. As a retired disabled veteran I spend an aweful lot of time gaming so I will be completely active.

so one of my ideas is to have a sort of wild west appeal. trading posts ect. I see myself as the government in as well as an individual player in which for my personal development I must play as a nub like everyone else, however I can build things like trading posts and strategic bunkers for people to fight over. So to enforce the rules I will make it a game. Players who commit crimes will get bounties…the higher the crime the bigger the reward. the government ie me will pay the player who killed whomever to promote a bounty hunting option.

Rules and punishments

If your going to murder a man armed only with a rock you may only use a rock.
Bounty reward:1x 9mm pistol

No violence in designated safe trade areas
Bounty reward: 1choice of either a shotgun, 50 ammunition, or an mp5

Other problems that may occur will be handled as fairly as can be.

I will spend my time helping you guys. If you meet a friend I would be more than happy to teleport you together.
If you have any questions, comments, or even ideas on how to make the server more fun talk to me any time.

Hey thats a great idea! I was planning on doing something like this when our community decided to open our own server after alpha. I think it will add a new depth to servers. Hardest part will be enforcing the no PvP, It’s one of those things that people will try to abuse and also try and raid the trading posts.

well outlaws happened in the west. everyone in the trading area might shoot back too. it might initiate massive shootouts and large gangs big enough to overtake a trading post and hold it hostage. I hope I can get lots of people involved!

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Maybe the 9mm round could be the base server currency. Banks could be made with extremely difficult vaults that may take sever c4 to blow. And guards could be hired as well. people paid to build near a bank and watch it to shoot the robbers. this would create a possible faction choice. run with the good guy/ or run with the outlaws. the perks are suitable for both options. I’m all for making this as in depth as possible.

Any suggestions?

Love the idea but who knows when the game will be stable enough to achieve this.