New Server with new script.

Will remake thread later on, one that doesn’t suck ass

here at face punch you will get flamed for not putting up more information read this post for new community’s like yourself as it has the good and the bad examples (you right now fall into the dam right terrible) and with guidelines of how to promote you’re RP servers you should be well on your way of being a success and it will also give you some idea of level and competition you will be facing

hope this helps and good luck!

Oh thank you for telling me, let me edit this post!

no problem good luck!

Ok, I fixed it. Thank you for helping me out.

why cant we download the cars from the server? do we haft to download them ourselves


o and what is in the new script because really i think its probably called a darkrp edit but you haven’t told us whats different

I don’t know how to have them automaticly download, If anyone knows could you please tell me?

You know, this doesn’t look as bad as some edits (this is a edit of a existing gamemode, right?), you’ve actually given some of the classes a actual use, the automatic demotion would be a nice thing to see as it makes sense, but maybe block the demoted player from re-applying the job for a period of time?

well you can have a fast download like my server has where you put the extra content on a web server (only costing probably about 99p a month from magmahost or any other website hosting company there’s loads) and it downloads it a super fast time
maybe read some guides and Google it

When the mayor gets assasinated he cant try to be the mayor again for ten minutes. (It says he is banned from it but the ban is set to ten minutes)


Ok, I will try to figure that out. Thanks.

no offense but the mayor getting demoted for dieing i see possible flaws

  1. if he gets Dm’ed there’s going to be a lot of chat spam / mic rage making it unfair on the other players and the mayor

He usSally has 2 or 3 Police officers or secret serverice guarding him, So the mayor doesn’t die alot.

With a competent admin team, you should not run into this problem much.

okay well, i feel that idea is abit of a fantasy or maybe part of a film :slight_smile:
i bet you anything you like i would be able to shoot the mayor from any where after all so what if i die? im not the one getting demoted for 10 mins

You know before im flamed and told im gay