New server

I’ll be hosting a new server and will post updates on this thread as i get them.

The server will not be rest at random times, you will receive early warnings about the up coming rest (3-5 days) or if there is a major update the server will be rest after it.
I plan on setting up random events for the server like a cage stone death match (prizes for the winners ect)
I will try and get it so air drops will be every 30 mins.
The server will be a PvP and sleeper. The Admins names will be posted on here, any one that lies about being an admin to better there game play will be booted off the server as i want the server to be fair play.

The name of the server will be post when it is up. It should be up today or tomorrow at the latest. When the server is up i will do a starter pack for the first hour of the game. (every 10 mins everyone in game will get an air drop or something like that for the first hour [unsure yet will post on that in more details when the server becomes live])

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Once its ready to be made public post it in the sub forum

Server thread.

thx you i didnt see the server threads will do that now

What encourages a fresh population to your server would be the fact that there aren’t established players that will bambi-rape them. What you’re doing in the first hour of the server will greatly boost the select few that are there and give them the power to murder all bambi’s. You may consider doing an event at select intervals of server population.

Just a suggestion, it’s your server, admin as you wish.

well its good to here suggestions from fellow players so i can improve my ideas for the server before it becomes live. I want to make it as fair as i can for new players and try and draw in players to help populate it so its an enjoyable server for everyone