New server!

Hello! I am starting a new server and a community to go along with it. I could really use some support from anyone willing to help me! First, I am a 13 y/o kid but I got this far so if you really don’t wanna work with me then leave now. For the rest of you I need a staff team. I got me the owner, a co-owner who has a short temper so don’t get him mad. I need some ideas too for a gamemode. I kinda put it up on darkrp for now. Mainly because I don’t wanna look for someone to code in stuff like TTT or Jailbreak etc… So just contact me on steam!

Community is Outsiders Roleplay. Very empty and I believe no members almost. It was gonna be roleplay but…

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Server is being set up for murder until further notice.

IF someone here knows something about ULX, I am setting it to TTT. I got point shop, jihad, map voting. But the one problem I have is with ULX. I make my self owner and inherit from super admin. But when I set me to Owner… I have little access to spawning NPCs and having access to some console commands and stuff.

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MapVote = {}
MapVote.Config = {}

–Default Config
MapVoteConfigDefault = {
MapLimit = 24,
TimeLimit = 28,
AllowCurrentMap = false,
EnableCooldown = true,
MapsBeforeRevote = 3,
RTVPlayerCount = 3,
MapPrefixes = {“ttt_”}
–Default Config

hook.Add( “Initialize”, “MapVoteConfigSetup”, function()
if not file.Exists( “mapvote”, “DATA”) then
file.CreateDir( “mapvote” )
if not file.Exists( “mapvote/config.txt”, “DATA” ) then
file.Write( “mapvote/config.txt”, util.TableToJSON( MapVoteConfigDefault ) )
end )

function MapVote.HasExtraVotePower(ply)
– Example that gives admins more voting power
if ply:IsAdmin() then
return true

return false


MapVote.CurrentMaps = {}
MapVote.Votes = {}

MapVote.Allow = true

MapVote.UPDATE_WIN = 3

if SERVER then



It says near the top, map prefixes ttt_ and I don’t know whether to put a coma after it then put cs_ and another coma then de_

  1. Don’t make an owner rank. Super Admin, by default, is the highest GMod rank.
  2. Does it generate a file in your data folder?

No file generated.

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Trying a different voting system.

Looking for a admin team now! I got a vote system! Maps! Pointshop (Still working on it!) I got a forums! 14 slot servers (Hoping to upgrade!)

Still in making but good enough. Apps for admin will be up. For now I just will watch over you for a while.

You’ve got things that every other server has and nothing unique!

Talking with a person. Server should have major changes. M9K should come in possibly…

Again, something every server has.

Not every server.

What does your server have unique that no other server has?

Possibly changing gamemodes. So…

Quite a few servers have this. It’s called Fretta.

The man I have been working with got us HL2RP which I know how to set up in a heartbeat so thats good. I know some lua to it… So I can get it set up and etc.

It’s a bit silly to claim m9k weapons as a selling point for your community. Like, 90% of servers already use them and obviously, it’s not a bad thing to have stuff that’s popular since players seem to like that swep pack, but it can’t really be pulled off as a selling point.

That stuff isn’t in it anymore, we have payed HL2RP, last one he leaked it and I told him that is DMCA. It didn’t even have the base nor serial key… But atleast we got it and gonna get the server up!

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Just so someone doesn’t complain about leaking it.

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No one cares; HL2RP is awful.

Well, I don’t care about that opinion.