new server

Hello everyone I am starting a cyberpunk RP server that uses rp_caldern. I have recently started working on it and it is in it’s early beta stages, but I would love for some people to join it so I can get some regulars. Keep in mind this is a semi serious RP so normal RP rules apply. If you can’t rp, don’t join.


Wrong section.
And besides that’s not enough detail.

Can some mod move/lock this please?

How much detail do you expect? A full report of every single mod on it? Please.

Actually, yeah, as much detail as you can. But like I said, wrong section buddy.

Then please direct me to the CORRECT section sir.

THERE WAS ONE, but that got deleted :v: funny that. But still this is for people who are having problems with Garry’s mod, not server advertising.