New Servere Garry's Mod(Fix All)

Hey people here is the new server
Roleplay but the only problem is that I would need more players and that is why I posted here to see who wants to come on my server and I would prefer as many.
I think I would have a managed server and set all jobs. The map I made it myself you can download one here.""""So if you come to expect all
The forum is:

Wrong section.

but were i must to put

You’ve posted this 4 times. No one cares about your DarkRP server.

I had a good hearty lol at you for how stupid you are OP.

yes ok
but how can i remove my Thread

You can’t, it’s here until it’s here FOREVER.

pm a mod to close the thread also please stop asking for perp on my forum. Next time its a permaban.

I asked once stupid

Learn proper English before you start insulting people.

We know, thanks.