New Servere Garry's Mod

Hey people here is the new server
Roleplay is serious but he is the only problem is unknown and I’d rather have players and that is why I posted it here to see who wants to come on my server and I would prefer as many people.
Its a serios roleplay!!everyone plays by the rules and if the player does not want to comply will suffer the consequences!!
The forum is:

IP doesn’t work, and judging on your grammar I really doubt its serious.
Moderation doesn’t make your server serious.

How did you manage to miss the “Server Advertisement” section?

Looks at the OP
Slowly walks away

Judging from the picture on the forum, this is a moneywhore/minge server ran by a 13 year old with horrible spelling and grammar.

no its not true the server its on my computer and i must to fix something cuz its not done yet and the ip don’t work cuz i stop the server probabli
and i have 16 year old

You have 16 year old? What?


the fuck


just wow


is this what GMod has come to

Judging from your spelling and grammer. Plus the fact your agreeing to 11 year old admins, who also fail at spelling and grammer. Your going to get a lack of players due to young angry admins. This will cause this server to fail horribly.


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Ye this really isn’t going anywhere.


This pretty much sums up this entire thread.

that ^

Doesn’t get more serious than an admin spawning money printers while noclipping!

hey its my first server i needed member and he whant to be admin and i leet him to be just to see if all that way and say this or not but from what I saw is a good admin, so I think back shawl are respected because we noticed that abusing power
hey you don’t test the server to see if you like or you unlike the server ok

Maybe hes french? Thats how the french say how old they are if you translate it directly, hes being stupid whatever language he is anyway.

what you whant to say

look dude, learn to spell properly, then maybe people will start taking you seriously…

If he is French and 16, his English would be of higher quality. I know two French 16 year old guys, both are coders and have a high quality of English.

They’ve got such good English they even translate for me when I need to talk to someone who only speaks French.

It’s worse if a french person corrects your english…:suicide:

Im from Romania

would you like a medal for that?