New servers with /location or /teleport?

Or any way to play with friends in the new Rust version? Thx :slight_smile:

Just gotta find each other it sucks but me and my friends usually suicide until in the same climate and look for a statue or satellite as a reference to meet up

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Do u know anything about setting up a server? Can’t figure.out admin on experimental

Theres a few modded servers already that let you TP … you need to go look.

Klondike help lol

Have you read bruzer?

I have a gameservers server does the same apply?

How have you not even read the first post of Experimental Dedicated Server - open to all, by garry?

That page is the guide garry wrote for the experimental server. If it doesn’t apply, gameservers owes you a big explanation on what they’ve done to the Rust experimental server files before installing them for you.

Could you also please use the forum search function instead of posting in totally unrelated threads about your problem? Seriously, it won’t get you help any faster and it won’t earn you any friends.

I’m not looking for friends looking for answers and tired of getting no response and maybe you should relax life must be stressful if u getnso upset over something so simple

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But thank you

Says the guy who posted begging for help in eight different threads, whether or not they were at all related to your problem, in two hours. Especially when I know the questions you’ve asked have been answered already within the last 24 hours on this exact subforum.

Edit: RIP

What does that have to do with you being upset about me posting on other peoples posts lol I’ve been trying since yesterday and at work trying to get answers before I’m off and I thought that pertained to a dedicated that anyone could make not a server I pay for. Admin worked differently when legacy was regular and just switched yesterday and just joined forums today so sorry I didn’t automatically know what he was talking about

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If u could add me to further explain I would appreciate it I won’t be a dick lol just wanna get it goin I’ll give u admin

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Also idk if rusty still works or not tried that and couldn’t get it to connect