new shit







The first one, Oh lord I can’t breathe.

The 2nd one… ddddaaaaaaammmmmnnnnn. Lady Gaga goes natural

Oh shit, the 3rd one! The lighting is absolutely amazing! :v:

Good shit.

Damn all faraon pictures are so quality. How does he do that? Photoshop or ingame edit?

the editing is so well done, these look like paintings

No nothing like that, he calls on the ruinous powers of Beelzebub to make them look this good, so by looking at these your either lost your soul or are/and going to hell. But for artistic fantastic freaky stuff like this, pardon the pun, what the hell right?

I like how when farron says “new shit” he usually means it literally, not figuratively.

As always, excellent post-process and technical skill, combined strange subject matter.

this still looks a lot like sfm

I like to call the first one : “The Orb of Fuck”

Shit is the right word for it.These are basiclly troll poses with nice lighting.

I don’t know weather to laugh, cry, or be scared.

You mean the best poses ever with the best lighting.


Wow…you are a king among men sir!


Your mind has to be really interesting

I’m pretty sure it is but comparing to some of the earlier stuff he did that I’ve seen, who cares?

Same good looking result, really.