New show need support

Hello i am rekiaz an i have been brainstorming on machinima ideas for january and i have a idea that is kinda out there but anyways i was thinking of a reality show at the css map that looks like an office correct me if u will but i was thinking of calling it live from facepunch studios or whatever but revise me on ideas or if u would like to act for it or anything but i thought this was a good idea but anyways i hope you guys can help =)


(User was banned for this post ("Bump" - Benji))

Is better for us and you.

The map you’re after is called cs_office. It comes with CSS and is automatically mounted in Gmod if you own CSS.

You need to be able to do this yourself. If you can make a good pilot episode, maybe then people will join you.

thanks for the feedback (i had to get banned to get feedback?) i will start on the pilot vid soon… i am thinking of using vegas 5.0 other than 7.0