New skins for Gmow cars and SA models

Well I have been working on them for 3 days and been board out of my mind, One question for you. Is my work worth it.

great work…but wheels are strange…

The Toyota rims? a friend did those for me because I could not get em centered, but he got it looking all white. still looking for better rims

But gmow is dead. It gotkilled by the new update and it’s not gonna get updated

Gmow is dead but some SA models would be great

Ever thought that someone might update the GMoW ones to work if they had better textures?

No :raise:


No :raise:

Gmow is still a live, I have planed to take all the Hl2 Buggy’s out and trash them all. and take all the cars, make Icons with pictures and sort them in rows like Trucks cars vans… and If I can figure out how to make the cars used with different skins just by pressing a icon, with out skin tool it would be perfect.


Thank you for your honestly

Hehe tis is Verry nice
i playing with theam on my gmod
its fun ^^

GMow isn’t dead. Wanna be my partner sumdumguy? I could use a hand with stuff like this.

In crime,

sure what you need?

i love the jeep is it up for download any where?