New Sky/lighting/Fog/Water on dev branch

The new sky/lighting/fog/water in oin the dev branch. Anyone tried it? Any render problems? Any FPS problems? Is FPS better? Worse? By how much?

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Ummโ€ฆ I would ask where/what the fuck that is, but I feel I would get bannedโ€ฆ Also I feel I will get banned for this!

So I tried to use the dev branch, got in, but I cannot see any servers at all. :frowning:

Would love to test it but the only server I find is โ€œFacepunch Dev Serverโ€ and there I get โ€œConnectionFailedโ€ all the time. :frowning:

On steam, right click on rust - Properties - Betas, Choose the dev branch

Thatโ€™s only one half, next half: Find a dev serverโ€ฆ :frowning:

does the implementation of water mean thirst is also coming soon? :slight_smile:

P.S. I enabled the dev branch and now I canโ€™t see any servers at all :confused:

We couldnโ€™t check that even if we wanted to. Servers with dev state are offline or invisible at that beta branch.

Canโ€™t wait to get home from workโ€ฆ

Same :[

Checking it right now, i will try it and edit :slight_smile:

Garry I am running with all settings up at 60fps without the sky. I tried with sky today and shuttering got so bad I had to disconnect. It seems to run fine for about 10min and then would go back to horrible lag and weird shutter. It is unplayable with my GTX 680 and read another guy saying unplayable on his r270.

Iโ€™m on a 760 + i5 4570, my FPS has dipped a bit to about 40FPS, i usually get 60+FPS

I play with Grass on and on highest settings

Iโ€™ve tested it.

Big FPS drops are present when facing sides with lots of terrain - for example standing at beach area of the map and looking over Everust Mt. It drops about 15-20 FPS between looking directly at sea or looking over terrain so itโ€™s rather unplayable at most times atm.

Iโ€™ve tested it at own server, Iโ€™m positive that FPS drop wasnโ€™t caused by oversized buildings or people activity.

Other than that - water looks great, didinโ€™t notice any problem with a look of it. New skyโ€™s cool as well.

#edit, oh and Iโ€™m running low spec, Gt9600 with grass off and quality turned down. It works absolutely fine at regular branch servers though.

So there goes new sky update.
Hopefully it wonโ€™t get pushed to next release.

Iโ€™ve now tested it on dev server as well and the same problem seems to be there. Althought it may not be as significant - not sure if the latest 10MB patch had anything to do with it. Not a clue. Still, update rather lowered average FPS in most cases, yup.

About the sky,camp fire and water
-It does looks very good

-I donโ€™t think there is any time with full darkness like before (players will miss it, you actually want to see every light from houses)

-its also much easier to see at night

-sometimes the moon is bumping, maybe when there is lag spikes

-The water looks great, but maybe itโ€™s movement speed is too high?
also you can go under water very deeply now without be dead, players will be bases underwater and hide

-I think the new bow looks great

-The new camp fire looks good

-The small storage box looks very smooth and nice

-i had stone hatchet, for some reason after re-log, it became red with a slot for attachment
it writes โ€œ0 conditionโ€ so i guess it has something to do with the durability, but why it has one place for attachment?

-Bow donโ€™t have any description or name

-Stuff only loses condition after logging out

-Everytime i log out and in, my broken items change their attachment slots (items that shouldnโ€™t have any attachments)

-To see broken stuff you need to update itโ€™s slot by moving something to there

-Throwing broken items on the floor then picking them will make them to be new again (perfect condition)

Some pics from the update

I guess youโ€™ll pay attention on this thread, i will offer you to read those threads :slight_smile: (in-games bugs and exploits)
if you can post something there so other players will pay attention too, iโ€™ll be very happy, thanks

Also, personally i think the old grass was nicer with less fps drops

Yay, I finally could connect to the server.

It looks beautiful, but:
My lowest FPS before was around 20, now itโ€™s 4.
There were some weird green dot lines at the top of the screen going down for around 2 cm but as soon as I looked to the ground they where gone and I wasnโ€™t able to recreate this, so no screenshot.

Iโ€™m getting 80-100 fps with a 760 GTX, i5 4670k and 16 GB of ram

New issue noticed - moon is glitching at some point. Just going further and then skipping back few inches.

My friend just logged in on his I7 laptop

THe sky is beautiful, really. the moon looks amazing and the fact that the all-black nights are gone is cool.
The sun is quite large at sunset though. Like, really really large!
The water movement does look quite unnaturral, it moves way too fast. Take that as a word from a surfer :wink:
With FPS we didnโ€™t see any difference. alot of people were complaining but he had no problems.
You can walk through the water. (i guess this is because of your idea about the swimming feature coming?

All in all itโ€™s nice! :slight_smile: