New Sounds, Railing Plan Grief and PINK WTF !!!

Look i know its alpha and I stick up for the dev team a lot, but sometimes the decisions you guys make just make me shake my head in wonder. Its like you don’t even play the game your working on or there is no one that thinks for more than a few minutes and says that might be a bad idea even if the change is for a few days/weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love this version of Rust, but these 3 things are just driving me crazy.

  1. New sounds - Did anyone even test or listen to these before they changed them? changing them for change sake wasn’t an improvement. Did the person that put in the running across sand sound even stop and think does this even remotely sound like running across sand? The new sounds is like someone running across rock with iron shoes on. Its not even remotely better than before and really takes away from the immersive atmosphere.

How about this…

This sounds 100% better and i found it in 30 seconds. Surely you guys can do better. The sound of walking on rock is almost but not quite as bad. Its sounds like a woman stomping across a wood floor in heels.

This sounds way more lifelike than what you have…

  1. Railing Plan Griefing - Still not fixed even though I have seen several post that says it is, one by one of the mods here I think. Kill me fine, take my keys fine, part of the game. DO NOT allow people to throw up a single wall, railing plan what ever and block someone in their house. You now have hordes of morons roaming around servers throwing up railings in front of every door they can find. It takes players hours to upgrade even a small 4 X 4 shack to level 6 and to have someone come and block them in with a 2 minute rail is just inexcusable. No one is going to build houses if you cant at least have a semblance of being able to use it.

Even during full day they are blinding up close.

And they are still visible for miles during the day.

I’ve found ways to build to prevent people from building rails or other objects infront of my door.

The sound you are talking about is annoying and maybe a little more thought should of went into that…the pink thing is a common issues among games that are being modified, so I can tolerate, even though its kind of weird.

How do you prevent people from placing stuff in front of your door? nothing I have tried works?

PM me please if you dont want to share.

Agreed, the footstep sounds are horrible.

It’s basically trial and error. Build your house on a surface that has an edge. I build mine on side of mountians or ontop of boulders. Then I build foundations of the general layout. I build door ways and doors then test the placement of rails and such after I build it, if I can build it, so can someone else, if I cant after trying for a an indetermined amount of time, thats my door. I imagine this will become easier once I learn why or why not something cant be placed but if I’m building the base, I’m willing to invest the time and effort to make sure my door is secured. I also conteplate vulnerabiilties. My current house has two railings making a v out my door and nothing else can be built until I did my due dilligence and thought about above, they ould of built a floor above my patio so I built stairs that pointed toward my door and that prevents any things from being built from above. (hint: the doors are normally on the outer edge on a corner and build stuff not attached to the primary house around your door to prevent other objects from being placed their)

It’s trail and error. If you want to secure your stuff, you have to be willing to invest the time and energy.

If they want to destroy my walls, nothing I can do about that…theives will be thieves.

super easy to prevent getting railed in, Place a rail of your own going through the door-frame. the frame, not the door, you want to see the rail sticking out of the wall from the outside . ALSO!! make sure to test getting in and out of your door before leveling it up!! if you place the railing right you cannot get railed in i promise…
also build foundation steps in front of your door, and level it to 6, nothing can be built on it, and it will take hours to destroy. i usually build several steps in front with enough room between them and my base that i cant get walled in with anything short of them building a fort around my home.

Garry is a Pink Floyd fan, he has a cross promotion with their new album.

I find placing stairs in your door way once the doorway and door is built stops the railing being placed.

I then simply upgrade the stairs to level 6. I also place a steps foundation under the stairs to make it a bit easier to get on them. I found that this stopped the door grief for me.

Unfortunately I found I always have to do the stairs, since the step foundation, can have a triangle foundation placed in it at the right angle, so you can still get wall grief. The stairs stop this completely.

fully agree

Looks like the railing issues got fixed woot !