New Source SDK Ladder Texture

Quite honestly I don’t quite know what to say here, so I will say what I feel like :]

I created a new texture for making SOURCE SDK HAMMER maps.

The texture is a ladder texture and I have not seen anyone upload this type of texture before, so here I am!

The texture scrolls up and you can climb it. The texture is also translucent and does not effect the NoDraw part.

I created the texture using a hand from Garry’s Mod and some keen editing (not really) so enjoy.

I originally took the idea from Left4Dead’s ladders. I do not own Left4Dead so I did not take the VMT, I simply made my own.

When you are playing as an infected zombie there is a green aura that glows with claws climbing up around some things and I loved it, so I basically copied it.

I made this texture for my new map “Gm_Supersize_Den” so that way you can tell what is climbable and what is not. I am talking way too effin’ much.


Images seem a little small, man.

Yeah they do for some reason lol.

Upload to a different host.

Looks like a rope with hands on it?