New Spacebuild Gamemode

I am currently trying to get a team together to get progress on a new spacebuild-3 based gamemode working (We will work out our own system to replace SB3 and LS3 if it is successful). This project’s soul purpose is to revive the intrest in spacebuild and have a regularly updated gamemode out there for servers to download and run.

I realise SpaceAge has essentially already done some if not most of the stuff in what is being produced, but we differ from them in one way, this will be PUBLICLY AVAILABLE to download.

The spacebuild community is dieng pretty quick because there are no regular updates to the gamemode or life support iself, no plugins being produced, what we get is usually half-done or never completely finished.

What we need: LUA coders familiar with CAF and SB3.

Planned features:
-Mining of multiple types (Think sort of like the old tiberium addon or asteroid mining)
-Combat system (Tired of having multi prop ships lose half of their hull and still be flyable? Ships will have a central node to which all props are linked and their HP totalled, when the ship loses all it’s HP, the entire ship will explode instead of just 1 piece)
-RP-Like money/profession system (Mine, earn money by selling the ore, or refine it into different resources that can be used for ships. Or an alternative you can destroy another players ship and earn money by salvaging the wreck it leaves behind.)

If your planning on flaming with “Your copying SpaceAge” keep it to youself, please. We want to bring something to the public instead of having it kept to 1 to 2 servers. Also our inspiration mostly comes from EVE Online and wanting to indroduce a somewhat-similar system to spacebuild.

What’s the currenct team?

Sounds good, I could contribute. Just need to familiarise myself with SB3. Would we be working with the Spacebuild Enhancement project? They’re still active and updating SBEP so making some SB4/LS4 might kinda mess some stuff up for them

It would run off SB3 and LS3 for the time being, we had decided on just expanding what is already out there and making any plugins for it RD3.

And the current team is only myself and a friend. Our LUA experience is pretty decent, we just can’t take on the task alone.

I’ll try to contribute in anyway I can. I have very limited lua experience but I may be some what useful, I am also pretty handy with GIMP.:derp:

I shall atleast try and contribute then. I’ll send you my steam?

Yep, your help is more than welcome, my steam is Titan1x7707379. (Forgive me for I have used many numbers.)


The idea is getting more tweaked and refined, will make a new thread and link from this one when it’s all together.

You know SB is still being worked on right?

If you want you could just ask and join the current dev team…

Very true, it would help a lot to have more people working on LS3/SB3/CAF/etc than having it split off into yet another project.

I can’t find you on steam, mine is []Chêësê[TnB]

(slight bump?) I dont know if you know this, but the SBEP people are thinking of making a new spacebuild gamemode too? it might be worth teaming up with them