New Spacebuild Idea?

I was thinking the other day, Is it possible to shrink your character in garrysmod?
Because I have always thought that spacebuild was very limited due to its lack of space. I mean, it would be a lot funnier if it was bigger, that’s what Im saying.

So, if you cant make the map any bigger, then why not make your character smaller? So then everything else would have to be smaller too (except the map size ofc), including the planets. Therefore more planets would fit in the map and so on.

Is anyone catching my drift here?

Im not saying that this would even be made, as I don’t know anything about the game engine and such.
But is it possible?

well ive definately seen more complicated things done

There were _m maps which would shrink you down to about 1/8th the size, however props didn’t change.
Come to think of it, large props, small people. Sounds fun for spacebuild.

awesome =D

If I remember that correctly, props spawned were shrunk down too. But for some reason adv dupe files never had this effect.

I know how to make yourself HUGE.

to do this;

  1. Find a building in the 3D Skybox of the map you are playing
  2. Point a camera at it
  3. Noclip through the map to a black area
  4. Look around for another small version of the map
  5. Goto the building that your camera is pointing at
  6. Stand infront of the building.
  7. Switch to your camera
  8. enjoy being godsize on the map >:D
  9. mmmmwmwwhaahahaha

Everyone knows this.