New sprint animation?

I was looking in Model View recently (like 5 min ago) and I found this cool sprinting animation called sprint_all,( and I think this would be better than just a running animation on steroids, so yeah. Thanks. Oh and for if your holding a weapon, just make it so you hold in in one hand.

Yeah, sprint_all would be much better for sprinting than the current one, but, what about the weapon model? Where does that go?

Maybe the right hand? (Im no modeler or anything really, I lua code a little but for editing weps and stuff only)

Bump, to see if anyone else is interested.

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This has GOT to be in next update :open_mouth:

I was going to make this but then I realized not all the models (obviously not players) have the sprint_all animation.

What I’m doing is that I’m setting the model to the to the npc version of the player model when I’m using the animation. Doing it that way you can use both player and npc animations. The only downside is the sudden animation change. Other than that it’s looks natural. No flickering or anything when changing the model.

Its great that this is actually going to be done, since it’s a nice animation. So tell me when it’s done and post it on (since filefront doesn’t work for me)

I see one problem with it. You can fire weapons while sprinting. How would that work?

I know a few SWEP bases actually do not let you fire your weapon while sprinting. :wink:

I said I WAS going to make it until blah blah.

In other words, I’m not going to make it.

SOOOOOO close, but SOOOOOO far

O.O Maybe garry can work his magic, if the thread doesen’t die…

Otherwise, would need to be a clientside one which is probably not possible (but then again, Clientside Third-Person worked)…