New SRCDS Rcon tool

Hey Guys, I’ve just finished my standalone SRCDS Rcon tool

Aviliable here:

I’ve was on making my own server on a VPS, and I ran into that there was no Gui SRCDS Rcon tools, except HLSW… I read on the other post that some people may not want to register to use RCON, there was also a console based RCON tool, but it crashed immediately when I started it, so I created my own.

I want to hear your toughts :3 and I hope I help some who does not want to register for rcon either :F

Looks extreamly good! Thanks :rock:

Well, no matter how many times I try to connect to the server it just says:

Connecting to [IP REMOVED] …
Failed to open connection!

Add me on steam, so we can debug it. :stuck_out_tongue:

got a hit on a virus scan for Trojan.Win32.IRCBot

any thoughts?

kinda hard to trust a guy with 2 posts :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt it

It uses remote connections so that anti virus probably thinks its connecting to a IRC network

To be absolutely sure that it does not contain any malacious code, you can download the source code (All downloads > src directory) and compile it for yourself (, to be absolutly 100% total sure that’s not containing viruses.

Also you can find more of the program here:

(I know, that I am new, but I assure you, I don’t have any malicious intent.)

i make it my mission to let people know the risks of downloading from new users, just informing people there was a hit. though it is not very likely, i ran it sandboxed and didnt see anything strange

not sure if this is suppose to receive the log or not. i only get responses from the server i don’t get console output (entire reason to really have hlsw)

SRCDS RCON protocoll does not allow you to read the server log beyond the responses for your commands, however I’ve read some documentation how to recieve the console log, but SRCDS doing this a bit bucked up way. I’m not sure how to solve this yet. But I’d like to implement something like that in v0.2 (or in an other release)

all you have to do is logaddress_add youripandport then listen on that ip and port (that is how hlsw does it anyways and it works fine)

Only reason hlsw does not work properly is it can not find your ip address(their query server is down but google can be used for that…), you can manually put in logaddress_add with the port that is in the hlsw settings and it works.

Yep, I’ve read that in some documentations, only problem is that listening is not easy for solve for some users… I mean you have to do port opening, port forwarding etc manually, and what if some random firewall disables it? That’s the only problem now.

That would be the easier part :3

probably wont help but this might give you an idea maybe find a compatible function im assuming this is coded in c++?

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also this could be a usefull link

i personally have never touched c++ so i dont know anything about it