New standard roleplay map?


I bet most of us here have figured that there are problems with rp_downtown_v2

But still, I’d just want to ask this;
Why isn’t there a map where ALL windows that can be broken repair themselves automaticly after a short while, where there are no buttons besides the doors to lock them and no stupid gunshops that have a built-in gun factory inside them?
Isn’t there a map with the simplicity of downtown, yet the size and awesomeness of for example oviscity, rp_dunklestadt or even the taco n banana maps?

We need someone to redo downtown, and make it bigger, better, and idiotproof.
God damnit I’ve tried making that kinda map but it just doesn’t work out…
Also, this is the new “we need a better map than downtown on all the darkrp servers” thread.
Now discuss!

yeah, we need a heavy update on downtown, it needs to be bigger, and the stupid gun factory needs to be removed.
and some more sneaky places and dark alleys for the people hunted by the cops.

This is true, needs a lot more space imho.

Rpw_downtown_v2 is shite as it is so blocky, and has adverts for some crap clan printed everywhere.

You guys should look at the map release section. There’s a new top-knotch map that will be coming out soon, in my opinion it will overcome downtown, it’s called sun-city something.

Oviscity. Seriously, that’s a really fantastic map.

I’ve played this downtown upgraded version and it’s really good.

Nearly all the places that were inaccessable are now houses and have windows.
Gun machine is also removed.

I think downtown is too populate, it has become stupid.

Cookie monster, did you use to go by the name of “CJ”. or do people call you “CJ”. I’m pretty sure I use to know you, if so.