New StarFox characters Files for Gmod

The only 2 Fox McCloud have the same problem for the ragdoll, their eyes cannot been closed and the NPC of the Pack make my PC bad, too bad to be played, my PC goes broken but i’m lucky, i’ve got Windows 7 with NVIDEA Card but even with this Windows, the NPC still make broken my computer and then i can’t use the NPC, even if i use the newest version of this pack, the problem is never resolved for me and the finger poser of these ragdoll do not exist, they cannot been modified, they cannot move, for me the Player model work but the NPC don’t.
The SSBM model of Fox is outdated by the coming of SF:A and by SSBB, but Krystal on Gmod is completed sick, she is too heavy to be posed without problem, every time we should take her head and freeze it but sometimes, she goes too mad and we can’t controll her anymore and we can’t use the face and the finger poser.
The Falco model is completely sick too, he is too small and he do not have been maded as a player model: this suck.
Wolf and everyone else are not been maded: this suck too and why trying and losing times to repair an old file if we can make a new 1, for the maps, i admit it but old characters files, i don’t, so if you thing like me, reply.

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Requests go in the requests section, here:

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OP desperately needs to learn the language. And how to proofread. And use a spellchecker.


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when are they coming out with the SF:A fox plz reply