New Steam update - Servers?!


I just installed Steam update on my computer and on my server, and now AssMod isnt working.
I cant even open Ass Mod Menu, it says unknow command. But it realy is in addon folder, I can see it. Since every other addon works…
Any idea?!

And meanwhile - how to make admin nolimits, allow noclip, kick/ban people?

Yea garry fucked up and now Gmod’s addons are broke.

I personally think that Garry should revert back, I have 2 servers and he has totally broken them, every single addon, both gamemodes just everything, Garry please go back :smiley:

I agree as well.
If he dosent revert it back, people would get headache by changing their scripts. :confused:

At least, maybe make better documentation for how to use this new varargs.

Edit the script in notepad ++ and search arg, then replace it with …
This is how you fix it I believe, and it’s not that hard. Really, this new update should make lua faster, somewhat.

Fix: Anything that calls ‘arg’, add this directly below the function declaration:
arg = …

Garry shouldn’t go back, developers should fix their shit. (It’s a simple fix shown above)

:kratos: ULX is broken!

Yep, same for me. Really annoying.

Seriously, I’ll shut down my server till its fixed.

Notepad++ -> find in files -> arg -> replace with -> …

I don’t see what would take so long.

What causes this fix to work?

That fix won’t work.

[lua]local arg = {…}[/lua] will. It’s because vararg (the magical arg variable that appears out of nowhere) was deprecated.

Ok, in what files can I find this “arg”? And will it fix everything? And right now, when I connect to basicly any server, I get server uses different class tables. I have ran a Steam update on my own server, and also ofcourse updated Steam on my own computer, but it doesn’t work still. Any solutions?

My toolgun gives errors, even with the standard tools!